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one spark could start a fire!

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BACKGROUND: craig d. forrest

Starting in 2005 it's been an honor to speak, train & teach in 29 countries & across 5 continents. I've been a session leader or keynote speaker at over 100 TV or Media seminars, workshops or conferences.

time to STRATEGize

It's also been a true pleasure & privilege to speak @ numerous universities, colleges & film schools. Now it's time to strategize & concentrate on areas of the world that require media inspiration, skills & vision.

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95% faith-based creatives = self-taught. 

Few have ever taken a TV, Film, Video or Media course. The result? Far too many very poor quality short films, preaching programs & non-fiction videos.

Most faith-based leaders have never taken a media class. They find themselves challenged in how to navigate our cluttered 21st Century world, cast media vision, then identify visual storytellers who can create compelling video content that engages audiences to be drawn to the Gospel!

Half the world is 30 or younger! They aren't interested in the Sunday morning sermon. God & the Church don't exist to them. How do you reach them?

Matchstick Media International is a new non-profit media education group. Our goal is to partner inspire leaders + energize leaders to embrace media. We’ll always partner in-country or in-region with solid media groups + ministry personnel. We won't do this alone. The goal? Help Millennial believers reach their friends.

Media is Missions, Evangelism & Outreach. 

This compelling video by our great colleagues @IMM in Europe paints the picture for reaching young people.

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Does Your Group Want To Make a Difference in our Digital World?

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