Behind-the-Scenes video clip of digital filmmaker workshops shot on-location in Jogyakarta, Indonesia - August 1, 2013. Ministry Partners: Gereja Pantekosts di Indonesia & Foursquare Missions International. Indonesian filmmaker & editor: Yoel Noperry Liem.


PART 2: Documentary Interview – Success or Significance???

PART 1: Documentary Interview – A Career in Film/TV is A Marathon Not A Sprint

In-Studio Interview w/ Dr. Mitch Land, dean of Regent U's Comm Arts division. Nov/2013.

Excellent tribute video done by Carlos Alberto Ortiz Aguilera with Spanish language testimonials. Santa Cruz, Bolivia. June/2012.

A brief behind-the-scenes mobile phone clip shot by Bruce Everhart. Subject: Short Film by Chanel (starring Audrey Tautou) Location: Buzias, Romania Group: Moody Broadcasting (2014)

PART 4: Documentary Interview –.Why Reaching Faith-based Leaders is Difficult (June/2016). Director: McKenzie Francis Camera: Cameron Francis

Short promo clip for Enfoque Christian Film Fest being held in Ponce, PR from Nov 21-23, 2013.

Boston, MA, USA seminario entrevista. May/2017

Quick promo video produced by Carlos Alberto Ortiz Aguilera for CBA English as second language classes.


PART 3: Documentary Interview – Learn Your Craft

FILMMAKING interview in Asunción, Paraguay (2014). Interviewer: Mariana Fernández Director: Richard Ferreira Candia Cameras: Diego Gauto, Ariana Candia, Fernando González Editor: Natalia Vera Scuderi

Vietnam Television interview programme TALK VIETNAM. Air date: July 11, 2014. Host: Trần Thùy Dương Producer: Trang Hoang

Featured guest on this national talk show produced by CTN TV in Tampa, FL. Herman & Sharron Bailey (hosts).

Curso Especializado de CINE DIGITAL • August 6-9, 2014. Cali, Colombia. Lito Salvo (editor), Angely Baez (voice-over). Craig D. Forrest (producer)